Daily Snapshot [August 16, 2018] – FX, Oil, T-Note, Bund, S&P500

August 16, 2018 – Market review and metrics for Forex, Oil, T-Note, Bund, S&P500. {updated EOD}

FX Strength

The S&P500 staged an impressive rebound, erasing most of yesterday’s decline, on the heels of better than expected Walmart earnings and, perhaps more importantly, optimism that renewal of US – China trade talks might yield a mutually beneficial outcome. Antipodean currencies were the prime beneficiaries while CHF was the laggard as risk appetite came to the fore. Oil prices stabilized but worries about global economic slowdown persist. All in all it seems like the “calm before the storm” given that the issues confronting the global economy are varied and complicated and would require skillful navigation by all involved to bring about a successful resolution.

Market Metrics

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